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Try it! Although actually all the tasks aren’t done so I’m not sure.


I’ll wait until the tasks are complete :wink:


Here’s a Lamborghini on the front page:



@SuperSmacker i challenge you to a codecombat duel in cavern survival! I am going to use my non subscriber account Wowakar (Like thoktar but saying Wow :smile:). Do not copy my strategy instead use a different one. You can try to defeat me on the clan Cavern survival.


And go agains my blue one not the red one
EDIT: I copied the code for my blue one so now i guess you can do the red one 2
EDIT2 i am using a different strategy for the red one so scratch that


I feel bad for tharin. He is an old man yet he is still fighting :sob:


Just look at his grey hair


I beat Nick with Tharin!!!


@nick i think i have another challenge for you. Can you be number one with tharin and no unreleased items ( went to 13 with tharing yaaay!)


Guys what’s the Example badge, @Chaboi_3000 do you know?


Im number 1 on Caven Survival!!! I have always wanted to do that for 2 years!!!


A template for creating badges


I was #1 for a while, but y’all adapted to my strategies :wink: it’s hard to stay at the #1 spot when everyone is adapting their code specifically to defeat you without responding to new challengers every day. I’d probably have to do it on a more complicated arena or use one of the more powerful heroes.


Yea you could use a more powerfull hero. Or you could use tharin and boss star V


I can’t type in discord


never mind i had to reload


There is a glith in capture their flag. I completed it and got the aceviment but it says (In a private clan to look at my stats) that i have not completed it


Nick, maybe it’s perhaps time to… use your Illia. Hehe.


NO! Thats sooo cheating! If he use boss star v thats good enough but illia! She is an unreleased hero. He could like give her op abiaties and no one would be able to defeat him