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© ?{SPOILERS FREE}[“Doritos included"]Editing Google, CodeCombat hero slots, CodeCombat map, Doritos and other stuff LOL [Also Some Movie Ratings + Some Songs]FORTNITE!/#wayToLongTopicDescription #TheTopicIsConfusingLOL.#IlluminatiConfirmed#OOF


But thats unfair :sob:


Well RIP dude, I’ll perhaps work on some of Ursara’s abilities


It is 9-11
a sad day


@Gamestack, did you get to tier 100? I got ragnarok a week ago :wink:


This song makes me sad


My gosh! this topic is such a beast, 906 replies and 4.6thousand views!!! (almost 1k and 5k!)
And best of all, 1.6k likes! :exploding_head: So many exclamation markss!!
(nice one @gamestack)


Yaaaaaay!! I want to get 100 people on my clan


He looks likes he’s enjoying it though! LOL (tharin)


Wait am i in it? If not I’ll join.


Yea but he might break a bone. He might have artherites


I gotta go ") characters (LOOOL)


I give you a challange to read this whole thing in 25 minutes, the estimated time.


@Gamestack did more than 200 comments


Hello my dudes. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Almost at 1,000 comments :OOOOO


just less than 100 comments to lazy to count


I’m sick right now, so I won’t be able to get on for a few days, so I rely on you guys to keep the forum healthy. Thanks! I’ll be back as quickly as I can :face_with_thermometer:


okie dokie (he he he :smiling_imp:)


I definitely will, cough:japanese_ogre::japanese_goblin:, Joookes, hope you get well though. (4.9k views!)


I’m alive, (At least for now), my cold has been mostly cured, just a bit of coughing. I’m officially back. :slight_smile: