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Hofstadter’s Law: It always take longer than you expect, even when you take in account Hofstadter’s Law. <- Reading this while code combat is taking forever to load


It also says yer a wizard (what ever you’re name is, in my case this says shadow-assassinator) - Hagrid


make spaghetti, then fight. making spaghetti is his highest standard.




if you have 0 standards, he’ll say that you are almost as good as him.



I want to see deadpool 1 and 2 but I’m not old enough. N000000!!! :cry:


The first time I watched deadpool 1 was 2 years ago. And looking forward to deadpool 2.


R.I.P Deadpool198


R.I.P you (deadpool should kill 20 characters.)


rip deadpool198, ???-2018 :disappointed_relieved:

tbh im not old enough either, im not even 13 but i watch pg-13 movies bc im a savage boss XD


I watched pg-13 first when I was 10 months old. I didn’t know how to walk.


I remember watching little bits of LOTR at a party when I was like four? and it basically stuck ever since


When I was 12 there were no such thing as movie ratings. Whether or not you watched something was up to your parents. Movies with sound and color were a big deal then too. LOL.


Right now? Being on the forum is a big deal to me.


what’s LOTR? Lord of the Rings?


It is. (20 chararact)


I’m not even 13 either.


I watched Chucky when I was really little.


Happy 100th comment :smiley: