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we were arguing about something

resolved what???

yeah but someone flagged him and it was not me

about the topics being about the same thing but it looks like you two made up after that.

the coflict we had about two topics

Marvel -- topic go their and read the first bit of the topic.

and remeber what you said @Falcons118 marvel is avengers

Marvel IS in avengers but they CAN be separate things.

yeah so it is my fault he is banned

i am about to take a test

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Marvel isnt Avengers
Avengers are Marvel

but they CAN be different things right?

Because marvel isnt only based on Avengers
But the Avengers are from marvel

that isnt what you said was it

i just earned repected

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Nice @ZAX155! :partying_face:

I feel like WE are starting to fight and I don’t want that at all @Falcons118.

thank you i am still working on the other one thou 1000 like given out

No we are not fighting we are just sharing our opinions

yeah me too so back off topic