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then the main point of this topic will start running again.


Wait, is american netflix different from English netflix because we don’t have Thor Ragnarok on ours? (at the moment)


According to what I could find, american netflix has more than 1000 more titles than english netflix.


Oof rip @Deadpool198


Groot has been added to google translate. Lol


Guys i am RICH! I have 67838 Gems. Woo hoo!


Finally reached 1k likes!


how? I currently have 12000 something gems. Waiting for other heroes.


I have 6 gems…


If you guys beat me with Pender in harrowland on the first try i will make a clan in your name.


I already have a clan in my name… Also, I don’t see you as pender, I see you as ritic on both sides.


or, do you mean that we have to use pender and beat you?


Challenge Accepted. LOL


Cool! How did you get so many? Was it from the lifetime subscription? Or have you just saved for ages?
btw I have 3789 at the moment.


Waaahhhhh! :sob::sob: This is terrible, why has this happened!!! Joking. Actually I think I know, I think it’s because American films and series are released in america first so it’s the same with american netflix so I can’t watch it because that wouldn’t be allowed or something.


I have been saving it up


Yea but i bet you cant on the FIRST try


I beat you on the first try, it was really hard and it took me quite a long time and I kinda just made my code to beat you not anyone else so I don’t think I’ll do very well on the ladder.


I mean without changing your code. Your original code, so it doesn’t count. But still congrats for beating me.


And how do you reply by email @Deadpool198?