Spring User Survey

Hello fellow members of the forum. Please take the quick survey below. Thank you!

  • Safe and nice, everything is perfect, and there is no commotion or anyone insulting or making fun of other people. Great place to learn.
  • Sometimes safe, most of the time, all is well, but sometimes there is people arguing and creating a commotion, sometimes people insult, but usually it is fine.
  • Not very safe, people insult occasionally but also help the forum grow, every few weeks there is an argument, but the rest is fine.
  • Very dangerous, people PM you insults, and most of the time are arguments, spam, and lots of ugly commotions.

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Please tell us how you feel about the moderators and admins in the forum.

  • Great! Helps 24/7 and always makes the forum cozy.
  • Good. Helps frequently, but some topics remain dismissed.
  • OK. Helps, every so often, but topics are dismissed.
  • Meh. Helps, once a week, moderators and admins are inactive. Regulars fairly active too keep their role. Most topics unanswered or dismissed
  • Bad. Never helps, not very kind, inactive, and almost all topics are unanswered or dismissed.

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