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Stuck in a class

@CodeMachine1337 and @tuyen_nguyen your accounts have been switched back to individual accounts. You should now be able to access the home version. :white_check_mark:


@stephanie May you change my account to a campaign one? My username name is SirKingst. Thank you so much for your time.

help me my username is yenemma123

@Support we have some requests here :slight_smile:

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@Kingst and @Niogra_Craft your accounts are now in campaign mode. :white_check_mark:

i am stuck in a class my username is putinner

@Nam_Khanh_Trang_trai that username comes up for a teacher. Can you check your account settings for your username?

can you help me to back to student acount

@Nam_Khanh_Trang_trai to get back to a student you would need to join a class from an individual account.

Did you create a teacher account? This teacher account has students in it already.

My name is Devinchen

Can you please un-classroom me?

@DEVIN_CHEN looks like this was taken care of for you. :white_check_mark:

@Support Please help!
Did the same mistake by occasion and unable to get back to campaign. Nickname is DeZepTup.
Sent the email, but maybe it will be faster this way =)

I believe @Ryan can assist with this.

@stephanie I’m stuck in a class, my username is LSong10308

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Lydia, have you emailed yet?

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yes, they still haven’t replied to me though

Ok, thank you. Please be patient. They are the ones who can best help with your issue.

I can access the levels, but I can’t play them. (Screenshot below)

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Yes, this is the same as you posted in the other topic. Please don’t post the same issue/question in multiple topics. It will not result in a quicker resolution, but will clutter the board instead.

By the looks of it, you will need to wait for your account to be converted back to campaign mode.

Its back to campaign mode now

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