Stuck on level Signal Corpse


I keep dying on Signal Corpse, I think my code is fine - I just can’t kill all of the enemies before the time runs out. I am using cleave as often as possible and have the best gear I can have for free mode at this stage.

My code is:

while True:
green = hero.findFlag(“green”)
black = hero.findFlag("")
nearest = hero.findNearestEnemy()

if green:
elif black and hero.isReady("cleave"):
elif nearest and hero.distanceTo(nearest) < 10:
    # Attack!




I have findFlag black code correct but it wouldn’t let me post it for some reason


What gear do you have? I think I bought Painted Steel Breastplate, or a new helmet, at this point in order to brute force the level with that same code. Every time I go through the game, I purchase PSB as soon as I can’t get through a level with regular code. It’s the best gem to HP purchase in mid-tier.

Your code looks fine.


Ah ok, think I need to upgrade my gear then! I’ll look for PSB and get that and see if it works


Black needs to be in quotes when you are defining it.


Good eye.
Ducky is correct.