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Summit's gate pls help meh(python)

Ok, I want to do this properly. 1: get good equipment. you really could do with some emabled dragon plate, you know. 2: summon troops. 3: target warlocks. 4. make sure that your path to the enemy is clear and 5: use flags. 6: use whatever special moves you have. Hope that helps and good luck :smile:!!

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I’d say use flags is questionable I didn’t use any flags and I won

you mean this armor?codecombat equipment.PNG

good, but I prefer temple guard. Even though I found out the hard way that the power-up is useless.

No it is not it will blast back any type of unit

and makes you 5 times slower. Really, just don’t use the powerup. Although the knockback is huge.

But use it too attack you could kill 4 munchkins or 2 ogres per second

excuse me, I thought we were talking about the temple guard powerup. I use temple guard without the powerup.

Let’s go back on topic shall we

ok. Hint: Grim determination code super helps. Try it out.

don’t ask for @stefan_grecu and if you have not completed the level complete it please

what do you mean?

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If you have completed Grim Determination you should have the code, so you shouldn’t be asking for it’s code if you have completed it.

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Yes, if you didn’t complete a level and than you want to complete level which is after the level that you ddin’t complete, you should complete it. Because you didn’t learn many things from it.

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The level tells you how to command Paladins properly which is essential for Summits gate

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