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[Survey] Where did you hear about codecombat?


same here back in 5th and 6th grade


The short answer is, word of mouth. I had been teaching my daughter and her class at school coding using and since the first grade. They were now in the third grade and doing very well so I was looking for a way to transition from using blocks of code to actually writing syntax. and Scratch are good for teaching structure and terminology without getting bogged down in syntax, but it was time to transition. I was at a nerd convention - yes, it was really called the, Space Coast Nerd Fest - and talking to a guy from a local Makerspace about it and he suggested CodeCombat.


I was really looking for a good coding game, so I found Codecombat, which turned out to be a pretty nice game…


Talk Python To Me podcast, Episode #203 I believe. I am enjoying Code combat so far greatly.


Don’t exactly remember, but I believe that I just stumbled upon it.


A random kid was talking about it too loud on the streets, so I decided to check it out.


LOL, I found CodeCombat when i read an article about the best coding games and CodeCombat was 6th, Even though it was 6th i went to it straight away because who doesn’t like CodeCombat? (and killing munchkins)

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Wow, that’s… Scary…

WOW! That’s a pretty interesting way to find out about Coco. :slight_smile:

It seems like is a pretty popular website. :slight_smile:


For the first time I’ve read about codecombat on the site . It’s one of the biggest site about IT and many connected topics like technologies and science in russian language. There was topic about learnin’ coding with links to different gamification-education projects. CoCo was among them)


Just learned about it

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In 2013, My parents were teaching a robotics slash coding class. My dad was getting his lessons together and he stumbled onto CodeCombat through I started and fell in love with it. In 2015, I joined the forum while still completing the levels. I haven’t been on as much because school takes up a lot of time.


I typed on google learn to code with a game and eventually got there :wink:


My School Teacher introduced me to this platform for coding

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One of my friends in my Social Studies class told me about it because he knew I loved code and he introduced me to CodeCombat and I have been playing it ever since.

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I actually found it by accident.

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Wow, cool! Just on Google or Safari? (Whichever one you use.)

#25 was the way I found out about it


I’ve always wanted to start coding, I don’t really learn the best in a school environment so in my searching google i stumbled upon CodeCombat and I’m glad I did


I do a coding class in my city they offer code combat for java but I go rogue and do more python as well :stuck_out_tongue:

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