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[Survey] Where did you hear about codecombat?

ok it says kindergarten… they start on scratch junior

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you can start whenever.

ok this is getting of topic so yeah…

this really isn’t going off topic… i don’t think.

actually it kinda is because this topic was about where you heard code combat from and we are talking about what grades can start coding so yeah…

ok PM it is!

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I found it from my Computing class in my second year of Highschool. I’m now in my 5th year.


my father searched for my brother when i was at tennis for my brother free coding sites and he found codecombat when i was back from tennis i saw my brother playing it so i tried it out and it was a lot of fun!


hourofcode. (20chars)


i had code combat for class too and then eventually i wanted to play more.


I found it when my coding teacher told me about this website. Turns out it was pretty fun! Now I play daily but I get stuck a lot so I just come to this place to ask for help! I usually play this when my mom says “free time” which is basically do whatever u want time :joy:.