[Survey] Where did you hear about codecombat?

There was a website, where you can have talks about anything you want, and I had a talk with a basic coding teacher. He introduced me to Codecombat (the classroom version (which by the way, really needs to be improved, I saw many glitches)).

I played for a bit and I finished everything until Computer Science 6 (in Python, and I only learned a bit, since I already knew Python and Javascript quite well back then), but then I needed a break, so I tried creating a new account (without a class), and then I liked it a lot more, because now it was more of a game instead of just work.

Now I’m going back to the class version a bit, since I’m stuck at Kelvintaph Defiler. I’m just copy-pasting the solutions I already have in Javascript and converting them to Python. (very efficiently, since I convert them myself)

Whew, that felt like an essay.


HOC and Teacher (found it on HOC while i was bored and did it while i was sick)

I stumbled upon CoCo on code.org

alexbrand you lived through russia’s invasion im so happy :)))))))))))))))))))))

[Alexbrand: Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it with all my heart and soul) But there is special topic about it)]

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sorry off topic
i found it when my dad looked at top coding programs


sorry off topic

yes I know its off topic, but It was hard to resist

I found it at a competition in Hong Kong (CodeQuest and a another code-blahblah)

I saw it on the code.org website.

I was just looking for some websites to ease me into coding without throwing complexity at me, and this was on top of the list.

My friend introduced it to me.

I wanted to be on the discourse so I started CoCo, lol.

-_- lol (20 chars agrees)

I was referred by a friend who recommended it for my kids.


I heard about it from Joe.

whos Joe?(20charssss)

Joe Mama let’s gooooooo


In my ears XD


I started coco because a friend told me about it and that’s how I found codecombat.


i started cuz of brainchase (and heard it from ur mom)