[Survey] Where did you hear about codecombat?

code.org (20 charaectors)

I started doing codecombat because we used it in coding class. It’s fun.

I actually had played it when I was 8, but I only made it to the end of Kithgard dungeons when my dad decided to unsub. I rediscovered it a few years later which is 1 month ago.

I actually play it for a year because this is when i was in 5th grade

now im in middle school

i was introduced when my dad got me into starting to code more. Back then i had a few tools and my dad introduced me to codecombat :slight_smile:

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My dad wanted me to code so he started ozaria but the game crashed and he found a new coding game called codecombat

My mum says i need to be good at coding then found codecombat in hour of codes

I take a coding class at school.

i found out from my brother @davinclee and he found out from school

aren’t ozaria and codecombat kinda like siblings?

Yeah, but Ozaria does not have the “combat” and it takes FOREVER to click through the story, while in codecombat almost every level is about fighting and there is no story.

for a competition that used this program

yee i spent i dont know just skipping the story for 10 sec cuz its so long