[Survey] Where did you hear about codecombat?

code.org (20 characters)

found in brainchase coding program lol, if you see my profile, (Yosarian) i am still in the clan

my mom found it :upside_down_face: (20 charssssss)

I searched up taming.io chat and this popped up.

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I was searching somebody’s email in google and this popped up

Wait… WHAT? HOW? Who’s email were you searching? A CoCo dev?

@Trouble_TNT 's email

OH. burntwentychars…

Why were you in his emails

So back during lockdown, we had to do Hour of Code. I discovered Ozaria, and that’s how I found out about CodeCombat. I still don’t quite remember how I found out about CodeCombat with the Hour of Code Ozaria, but I did. Anyways, I might actually start doing CodeCombat for real soon because it sounds interesting.

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I had to click as fast I would as on a spacebar test to get through OZaria’s story :laughing:

brainchase was my first lol