Talk about Gordon the stalwart



What do you mean?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


No he was just released this year.


well no one mentioned about him before he came and he doesn’t have his own level but he should be in the desert level because he is between omarn and naria.


ahh because I just noticed him yesterday


And also her too?


Lady Ida Justheart has just been added.


I think…
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What is Gordon’s type?


His type is listed in the description in the pic - warrior.


He’s really cool, when he uses his throw ability he throws a red hammer he’s one of my favourite heroes (that i’ve got(I prefer Ritic but I don’t have him :disappointed_relieved:))


No she’s been here for a while


I just noticed her :OOOOOOO i cant belive this


I just scraped enough gems for ritic and my only hope for more gems is replayable levels.


I ment what kind of guy is he? Tharins type is Knight, Anyas type is Captian, Alejandro is Duelist and so on.


His type is “stalwart”.