Talk about video game and movie theories


Try not to laugh at Daequan’s secret talent. He’s my fav streamer


Wow he sure looks ridiculous. Did you squash the picture or something? because his head looks awfully small (vertically speaking)

Would’ve laughed but he looks too weird (sorry if that’s considered being rude)


No he did it himself


you mean the picture squashing? or something else? sorry hard to tell what “it” is

omigod i just realized my monster pancake title is gone :sob: who did it?


Aww R.I.P (20 Memes)


@nick or @Chaboi_3000, please help and find me this I don’t know game that has something like 'catch “pokemon name”, because @Seojin_Roy_Lee, who is my brother is not helping at all!


Sorry, I don’t really get what you’re saying, could you say that a bit more clearly.
Thanks. :grin:


Type p!help and you’ll get a PM from a bot about commands


Yo Nba 2k19 came out. I can’t wait to see how it looks dudes. #StrengthInNumbers! lets go #Warriors