The Badminton Topic

Huh :skull:
Idk what I just said

exact same case here, except instead of football im practicing volley :]


I play tennis. That is sort of similar.

I used to play table tennis but now I suck at it cause I haven’t played in so long.
I also used to play tennis but I suck at it so I gave up.

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Send it then
20 chars

Bro I’m at school chill
I only play Thursday night when there’s no school Friday
So u gonna have to wait
I’ll ask my dad if we can go sometime this or next week

Those seem like excuses but okay.

Bro what would you know :skull::skull:

Yesssssssss American go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (go brrrrrr means an easy way to do something that causes problems later on (Not in this case but usually when I say it I just mean it’s a good thing))

I know how to play, I don’t really anymore but now and then my mom drags me to play with her. it’s strenuous work I tell you

Wait if I’m recording my gameplay then I’ll have to reveal my face. And I ain’t doing that

no bruh I didnt ask for ur face
idk like put it on a chair and show like ur perspective of playin :man_facepalming:

bro ur saying like im not gonna turn back at anytime during h yh e game which is false

bro :skull:
ill just send u a vid. I dont think u have a clue about what im tryna say

oh dat tru, maybe there is something that can blur you?

I mean I can edit video pretty well… But then there’s still the face reveal problem…

:smile: GREAT IDEA: Lydia you could just wear a paper bag over your head:


Oh yea thats a good idea bro

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I’d love to suffocate in there :slight_smile:

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I would do it as well, but I am too lazy.

Play badminton or suffocate in a paper bag?