The character moves too quickly when you press play

Id like to know if there is anyway you could slow the characters movement down after clicking play. So I can see frame by frame what is going on.

There’s a progression bar below the game when you press “Run”. You can click on the progression track or drag the tip to see specific frames of the game simulation. You also have play/pause buttons in the left side of the progression bar.

Note: this may not be available in very early levels of the game, as the game interface is simplified there.

Particularly when bug testing when only minor changes have been added the game progresses rather quickly. Nealy always I must pause and manually slide the timeline to see hero.say() outputs. It would be nice if there was an option to disable dynamic time progression.

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I’ve also noticed the simulation runs too fast when you re-run the code without changes or with minor changes that don’t affect the simulation. I’m not sure whether this is a known bug, maybe @nick is aware of this?

That’s a feature where you skip the boring part of the playback that is the same as what happened before, so you can get to the part you changed. If you want it to run at normal speed, click the “play” button on the left instead of the “run” button on the right, which doesn’t resimulate your code.

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