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The charming Pugicorn

I have some questions about the Pugicorn’s charm. Here they are:
1.When you charm a warlock, while he is charmed, will the skeletons that he summons be on your side or on the enemy’s side?
2. When you charm the shaman, while she is charmed, will she grow someone from your team or an enemy?
3. When a chieftain is charmed, she will haste your troops or enemy troops?
4. When a witch is charmed, she will heal your allies or the enemies?
5. When a warlock is charmed and he revives the undead, will the revived units be friends or foes?
Could someone please answer to my questions?

Wait Pugicorn can do that?

Yes, the Pugicorn can charm enemies and they become your friends for a while.

wow i had a pugicorn though

You might have to test it. Are you thinking about buying it?

I will buy it(of course(its so good))

Yes, and I want to know those thing before buying it.

one thing you need to know is it is awesome

So could someone answer to my questions? (PS I have him, but it is quite hard the test part)

i cant ansser sorry(havent tested)

I could’t make them survive enought to see what happens.

oh thats sad(i was curious too)