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The Earth Ring is it worth it?

Hi. I am almost level 37 and I don’t know if I want the ring of earth. I currently have The Precious and The Ring Of Speed. If I buy it, what should I unequip to equip the new ring?

And what is it cost?

it costs 680gems

Ok. So I will be able to buy it

And does it do? Is it better than the ring of speed?

It depends on what you want it for, but personally I don’t think it’s as good. It is good when you’re summoning stuff, because when you summon a troop while you have the earthskin ability active the troop also has that ability until you lose it. It’s the same with haste and fire armour.

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What does the earthskin?

Maybe this will help…for myself, I never bothered getting it.

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Thanks. :wink: :slight_smile: