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The Final Kinthmaze

I think I figured it out. I thought I had to reassign a new attack for each enemy.

Hi Sarah and welcome to the forum!

First, keep in mind that this curriculum is designed to teach coding methods from the ground up. Sure, some of the techniques shown early on might seem ‘silly’, but if you don’t already have a grasp of the concept being shown, you do have to start somewhere. I’ve been coding for over 42 years now, and a developer for 15…not in PY or JS tho. I find these methods quite clear and beneficial. I completed this lesson with 9 lines of code, none of which were combined commands on a single line…and this was after never even seeing/trying Python before starting CoCo.

Can you be more explicit on how the manual is incorrect? Which ‘page’, which passage?

Remember, the intent here is to teach a concept…in this lesson, it is to find the pattern, then repeat that pattern with your loop. This is a very valid method in coding.

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Ah when I was trying to assign foe, foe wasnt actually attacking the entire unit. The manual seemed to be suggesting foe attacks the entire unit, when any variable would do.:stuck_out_tongue:

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Excellent then! Well done :slight_smile:

I just noticed…I was composing my response while you editing your initial post.

Yea now that I think about it, it makes sense.

What seemed to be causing the most trouble was redundancy in code I think, I’m not absolutely sure actually.

I’ll see how I do in the last dungeon.

Good luck and especially, have fun!

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