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The Final Kithmaze help


Well, why don’t you do move: hero.moveDown(2).


My character goes back and walks into the wall:

while True:
    enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()


Have you tried experimenting with different movements yourself?


Yes, Chaboi_3000, I did try that. I tried to spilt the movements between two whiletrue loops, but it didn’t work.


First. You do not have a loop to begin your code. Also one hero.moveRight() statement and one hero.moveUp() statement is not nearly enough to complete the level. Also you are forgetting and if statement in your code. Look at your code and the level. There are a lot more hero.moveDIRECTION()'s that u need in your code. You are really close tho.


Thank you Luke10. That helps to know I’m close. And thanks for the advice.


You are welcome. You can post here again or message me if you need more help. Ill be happy to!