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The List of all Theories and Biographies

There are quite many biographies and theories, so I thought to make a list of them, because it’s easier to find something.


Ursara’s biography Ursara, the Master Wizard - Biography by FalconX11_312

Usara’s biography Ursara, the Master Wizard - Biography - #5 by PeterPalov - by PeterPalov and Lydia_Song

Ursara’s biography Ursaras biography – @PeterPalov and @JoPro_8000 by PeterPalov and JoPro_8000

Ritic’s biography Ritic's Biography by milton.jinich

Zana’s biography Zana's Biography and Story by milton.jinich

Illia’s biography [Idea] Illia Shieldsmith biography by PeterPalov, JoPro8000 (Mumbo_6) and TheOrbitals

Starter warriors biography [Idea] The starter warrior biography by JoPro_8000, PeterPalov and milton.jinich

Okars biography: [[Idea] Okars biography] ([Idea] Okars Biography - #5 by JoPro_8000) by JoPro8000


Is Nalfar a Dark Elf from Thor Dark World by milton.jinich

Arryn Stonewall and Gordon the Stalwart are Siblings Theory(Add your own theories if you want) by 123hi123

Nalfar theory- The Dark Imperium by xantar

[Hero Idea] Mother Nature and the uncommandble burls theory by AnSeDra

Random Game-Generated Theory? by Hellenar

Is Omarn Brewstone based off of Severus Snape? Theory by Rachel699

[Theory] What would happened if Naria did shoot out Ritic's eye? by Endercore79_is_back

[Theory] Omarn and Pender - Student and Master? by Endercore79_is_back

"Ritic = Death" Theory (feel free to add your own ideas!) by Hellenar

Topic for Stories

Feel free to add!


Can someone please make this a wiki?

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Really good! Great list, thanks a bunch


Thanks @Deadpool198!

Now everyone can add biographies/theories that I didn’t add.

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I think you got all of them. But I will just add the ones that I will create in the future.

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Thanks, this’ll be really helpful, especially since I’ve been interested in biographies lately :smile: