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"The Trials"- Strategy

Wow, lol. Why would they do that though?

i dunno. they’re weird XD

So why are they…?

boi. read my last post:

I meant why are they your “irl friends”?(That is how you put it, so, just wondering)

irl = in real life
why are they my in real life friends? because they are helpful if they aren’t goofing around

Using the Obsidian Breastplate, Runesword, Worn Dragonshield, and the Worn Dragonplate Helmet, plus flags, all I need to do is find a nearest enemy, kill it, find an oasis guardian, move to it and kill it too, then use flags to move between trials. The mighty Runesword killed the Oracle of Zha in about five strikes.

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I know that you are still new to the forum, so please do not revive dead topics unless you have a similar issue.


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my hp is 5000
and i have a fast sword

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