The Weather Channel 😁

Screenshot 2022-06-09 08.56.06
(no you still don’t know)

If u don’t like rain like me that weather is like the worst possible week

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that’s 38 degrees, I think rain for that is good xd

Trade offer:
2 thunderstorms for 90F weather

I’ll take the thunderstorms but I don’t want to weather.

Would you accept 100+ weather?

Ah, we love it when you get heat warnings everyday


Thankfully we’re not quite that hot here:

Uhh nope :eyes:


Does this always happen?

Always :pensive:
20 charssss

I’ll take the thunderstorms, but… The UK probably can’t offer anything over 26C. Nowhere near 90F.

omg, that must suck, especially that you can’t go outdoors


110 F here, totally not burning :smiley:

113 F here rn, gonna try cooking eggs on the sidewalk today

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Theres like a thunderstorm around the area and a dust storm caused by the thunderstorm. Looks like-no more eggs today. Its still hot outside tho even tho theres wind

Its 69 F here(20 chars)


lemme see… in japan its currently 7:00 pm and its 77f

where my rain and storm :sob:
its bright and sunny outside :sob:

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