There isnt a raven at the start of kithgard mastery

I want to complete kithgard mastery but i cant find the raven so i can’t get the password

That’s weird and definitely sounds like a bug.
A quick check before I make any final assumptions:

  1. The raven says something (the password) at the start of the level. These words will appear as a small, light-gray bubble over its head with the words in white inside. This can help you locate the raven.
  2. If you cannot find the raven using the above procedure and you’ve looked through the map but can’t find it, try rerunning and/or reloading the level several times. (I do not recall if you can submit your code, but if you can, try that too.)
    Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Try what Hellenar said. If it doesn’t work, contact a moderator. Maybe someone hacked the level.

Like that but to a whole new level.

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Also how come my raven doesn’t say the password?:confused:

Bug? Maybe your raven has also vanished?

It haven’t vanished yet.

Do you have a raven pet equipped? The two can be hard to tell apart.

Thank you. That solve the problem.:grinning:

Thank you for the report. The problem is fixed and now there can be two ravens.

Yay! but in the screen shot there is only only one raven.:confused:

yes, because the screenshot was made before my fixes.