Things Never to Give Out Online

  1. Passwords
  2. Address
  3. Phone number
  4. Personal information
  5. Location
  6. Home alone
  7. Email address
  8. Any information about parents


I’m not a certified specialist in Internet or Information Security or in any kind of security) But I think I’ll share some thoughts about it with common advices.Too many stories about people (including young and vulnerable) who trapped in troubles because of careless use of Internet/messengers/gadjets I’ve read.


Also people like to get on your good side and then ATTACK! so don’t give anything away even if they seem really nice and legit.


I think number 8 may be a little bit overkill. You can say what they work for but not where they work. If your parents don’t want you to tell people about it because it is confidential then don’t say anything.

For 4 I suggest you only give personal information not private information. Personal information is: Favorite food, Favorite sport, and etc. Private Information is, Home Address, Passwords, Phone Number(if you have one).

Never give your email to anybody except the people that you absolutely know. If you give out this information to random people you could expose others. These worms can find other emails using yours and can be catastrophic.

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I would fill a couple of words from tine to time.
Firstly I would like to tell several basic rules:

  • don’t give any information about you or people you know (name, age, date of birth, sex, pet(s), adress and place of living, e-mail, phone number, credit card information including number not only CVV, what kind of movies or music you prefer, food you like and drinks you take and so on so on).
    Why? Because:

  • Internet (in wide sense - as common name for digital and electronic communication/networks) is a street. It could look nice at the daytime but surely even at day it is unsafe place because of many factors. Most of adult people don’t run to first seen stranger in the street to tell him their personal data, right? It’s dangerous InRealLife, the same with digital world.

  • It’s easy to upload/put something in the Internet. But it’s (almost) unreal to take it out. Think twice before doing that. Then think ten times more. And better don’t do it. When you send something (text e-mail, video or photo, anything) to your friend/foe/neutral person or upload to facebook/messenger/site account or share information in a way like that - you can and should imagine that this data will be seen by your parents, classmates, future collegues or employer(s) or family.

  • You don’t know people you contactin and communacatin with. And even if you are chatterin via discord/viber with someone you know IRL - remember that account could be stolen and used with evil intensions. You don’t really know for sure who is on the other side of display at this very moment.

  • The more anonymous and common-portrayed you are - the more you safe.

Information about you could be used in many ways. Social ingeneerin methods, passwords brut forcein, fraud and money stealin is not the worst things in the whole list. I said it once and would repeat - I know lots of cases when people was victims of very serious crimes (starting with blackmailin ending with, well, I wouldn’t say in order not to violate forum rules. Let’s call it in common way - death.).

UPD. 21.04.2021
One of serious potential danger of ptotoes is Geotagging (see Dangers at the end of the article). So posting of your/familiar person’s photoes could reveal not only things/people captures in frame, but it’s location also.