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Tips for Newbies

Which one (20 chars)

I’d get it why(20 chars)

Idk why delete?(20 chars)

It would promote exploiting a glitch. Zax’ original post is already being examined.

Can u delete cuz I have to go

why are you deleting your post and shouldn’t newbies get the cheap stuff first in till they actually get money

they need to get good stuff, if you get new stuff, the old one is no use.

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for example, if you buy obsidian set, than bought dragon set. the obsidian one is no use. that 2800 gems will basically go down the drain. So its always recommanded to save up because there’s no way you can sell items. If you really can’t solve the level, spending 500 gems won’t hurt, but don’t go more than 500.

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well yah save up but pretend you just got codecombat and there’s a web a whole thing where people can post and (exe) you barely have done anything and a guy posts this you only get 50 gems per lev and this guy sas to save for something that costs loads of gems

My levels each gives me 1000 gems

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You will get like 1500-3000 gems per level in the Glacier.

I got 3000 when I completed Defiler with the bonus .

This is very clever, good tip!

And you can do replayable levels because there
you win lots of good crystals and XP.

WOW u guys know a lot

No, you only get 930 per lvl

Ok nice @EpicCoder999 and @AnSeDra

But I only got 300-400

Thats for the begineer lvls

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Ok thanks 20 characters