Topic about Pride! 🏳️‍🌈

Pleaseeeee dont be mad at me :frowning:

yes… i didnt really want to talk about it but it came to my mind

Well, i’m a little confused :confused:

Tbh, me too. Your statements are somewhat mixed up. (but I don’t wanna get involved in this so I’ll let @RiceRunner to continue the discussion.)

I think they’ve disappeared/gone offline.
I have PMed them separately about the situation.

This should not be here. THis can hurt peoples feeling. I am sorry for being a mean person but I wouldn’t want my feelings to be hurt.

I didn’t want to flag them as I didn’t want risk the topic getting closed

Well, this type of post needs to be flagged. That’s why i did it. but i only marked it because it was offensive and it can hurt people’s feeling. But back on topic.

I am fluid and what she had said made me really upset.

Why did it? she did not mention fluids. She is just stating the opinion of most religious people. Compared to DD’s statement,it’s a very civil statement.


Not 100% true, she just stated her opinions and it was hurtful.

That was the hurtful part.

I will admit that this was a little weird/offensive

not quite hers. By Christianity, the whole idea of Pride is wrong. and she is stating it, perhaps in a hurtful to Pride people way, but from religious point,true.

Agreed. Overall, the entire post was quite weird.

Okay, lets not talk about this here. If you really want to talk about this pm me then. And now, no more about that said post.

That’s another reason that i flagged it as well

Okay :+1: (you revived the topic though x))

I did revive it? how did i do that? wait, don’t answer those questions

Let’s move on
I’m hoping to get myself a crop top (I have a crop jumper)
I also need some white tights for my white miniskirt :3

That would be nice. What i really hate is how much i get judged for being fluid and then i am judged even more since I’m gay.

hmm, what country/continent do you live in?