Topic about Pride! 🏳️‍🌈

Stuff I want to get

Feminine shoes
A push-up bra
Arm tights
Lipstick (maybe)
White tights
Thigh-socks/leg warmers

Stuff I currently have

Purple nail polish
Blue dress, black dress
Black skirt, white miniskirt
Yellow bra, pink bra
Red cropjumper, black cropjumper
Light blue nightdress
2 pairs of black tights
Red thigh-tights
Black cat ears

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I will put a list of things that I have here later. It is gonna take awhile since I have so much stuff.

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What I have!
  1. High Heels
  2. Several Dresses (Pink, Green, Blue and Black)
  3. Several Skirts(Pink, Black, Yellow, Blue, White, purple. yellow, green)
  4. 3 black flat bras
  5. 2 white flat bras
  6. lipstick
  7. lipgloss
  8. Eyeliner
  9. Eye shadow
  10. Ballet Flats (Several Pairs)
    and much more makeup stuff

Here is the simplified list! If you actually want the detailed list, pm me.

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Good news: I’m getting


for xmas!

I am also now growing my hair out to get myself some twintails (my fav hairstyle)

Random question:
What is your favourite type of dress?

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My favorite type of dress was an jumper. That is because they are comfortable and lightweight.

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Island boy

Sorry kinda lotta off topic

I got myself a nice pair of thermal tights last weekend
Very soft and comfy

Found this in my news feed today:

Nightshade is a nonbinary Transformer who uses they/them pronouns.
Nightshade isn’t the first Transformer who’s a member of the alphabet 
army—it’s been previously established that Anode and Lug, two 
characters in the IDW Transformers comics, are a transgender couple, 
and Arcee is transgender—but they are the first canonically non-binary
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thanks for deleating. i was abt to flag
thinking someone’s thinking is wrong is like hating someone because they prefer blue over red

Look, I get what you’re trying to say but thinking someone’s thinking is wrong isn’t always bad.

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yea ik but let people think how they want to think, its not your fault if their wrong
(no offense)
-my teacher

You do know it works on the other side though, right? Because you’re telling us you don’t like that we think it’s okay to say we don’t like something. Therefore, are you hating?


I think the difference between hating and debating an idea is whether you want to target people. Saying someone is morally in the wrong for something they can’t control is hateful. I think that being able to talk about this from both sides is useful and can be a learning experience. I also recognize I’m biased because I am LGBTQ. I’ve tried my best to keep my less polite thoughts about people who think differently from me about this to myself, and that can also be a way of going about this. I guess my point is to criticise ideas not people, and if you have something to say that doesn’t really help anyone, maybe it’s not the best thing to say.(P.S. this isn’t directed at you particularly, I just thought it’d be a good post to tie it to.)


Put simply:
If you want to say something, think about how it might come across.
Some people may be ok with what you say and agree, though some may not.
Everyone thinks differently and everyone has their own thoughts and opinions…
That’s life, accept it.


some people may be the Odd1 but they like it. Just cuz u dont like them doesn’t mean you have to shame them for it…

So, I’ve been saving up some money recently (abt £40) and wondered:
What should I buy? Make-up, clothes, accessories, I got too many ideas!
Edit: Forgot to make it a wiki lol
Feel free to give any suggestions:


Well, it’s been a while!

I’m still a femboy currently
I’m hoping to get makeup for my birthday as I’m very interested in it
I have plans to make my first public appearance in the coming months…

As of today, I’ve been a femboy for about 14 months (that long already), and can’t wait to see what 2023 holds for the Pride community!

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tried tying my hair and felt good, may think abt growing my hair longer


I’m doing the same at the moment, not long enough to tie yet tho