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Best movie franchise ever: Star Wars, excluding the sequels. Fight me :cool:

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Lord of the rings is better :skull:

Mmmmmm no. The prequels for Star Wars have more likeable characters, a better plot with an amazing double villain, intense scenes like Mustafar and Utapau duels, and has a better franchise record.

But the acting and special effects are better

The writing in Star Wars is better, and the acting is on par with Lord of the Rings, just look at Anakin, the pure rage and sorrow displayed in the movies, the genuine care for one another in the originals, even the sequels shows Kylo Ren to be a decently written character with an amazing actor. Also the special effects are better A. because it’s a younger franchise than Star Wars, and B. they use more magic and larger displayed battles, whereas Star Wars go used to using minimal CGI except for Ships, Sabers/Blasters, the Force sometimes, and over 200,000 units being ready, with a million more well on the way :slightly_smiling_face:

And just to be clear I’m not a lord of the rings geek I haven’t even finished the whole trilogy. I also haven’t finished watching the prequels of star wars of only seen the first prequel and the originals

Watch ROTS (Revenge of the Sith) and you’ll see what I mean lol

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nah bro wdym its obviously pawpatroll


Ohhh shoot you right you right

No it’s coco melon XD

Nahhhhh it’s peppa pig

But Peppa pig is actually decent

So it cant be the best


The logic is logiking in a very unlogical way.

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Ive never seen starwars or lord of the rings, and I probs never will, but I will forever call them mid.

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l_l (20charsssssssss)