Topic for Fortnite

nah sry, since im sick, i need to get some rest

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kinda both but aiming more I once got 4 people in a row in the sky

I’m gonna say a fact: sniper best if you have excellent aim like me

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For life

Very true.

SHould I start playing again? I stopped when chapter 2 started.

I have no idea when I stopped playing, I think I stopped playing like 4 years ago, jeez

I can feel that. But should I start playing again. I’m more into gta 5.

Your opinion dude. I say you should tho.

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Okay, if i do you’ll will know

I might start again… Also I heard they removed ARs -_-

That was over a year ago-

Yeah thats about when I was completely done with Fortnite.

by ar do u mean the og Assult Rifle? (or i think S.C.A.R)
or do u mean ak or combat ar

The OG one

lol i heard my friends complaining that the og scar was removed and that in the collision event this year, they let use the scar

when did you guys join? not gonna make a poll gonna take forever, i joined chapter 1 season 7

i joined chap 3 seas 2 because of my friends

Chapter 1 season 5
Mainly because it was so popular

Chapter 3 season 1is when I joined

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Skye’s scar is broken in creative imo


btw im gonna play rn if anyone wants to play

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