Topic for March Madness

Hi! I don’t know if any of you guys are into March Madness, but I am! (For people who don’t know, March Madness is the college basketball championship). This is the topic to discuss all picks for games, favorite players, and who is going to win the championship. If you want, post pics of your bracket (if you made one) and have fun!

Ps: GO BAYLOR #AllTheWay

Oh yeah, I forgot about March madness. I always cheer for Duke cause he used to be my dog xD. We just do it as a family thing, but don’t turn them in. Whoever wins gets to pick a restaurant they want to go to.

That’s cool. Here is a pic of my bracket. I am down a couple of games right now. The future looks good though.

i haven’t heard of march madness before but I hope your pick wins.

You should try it some time, filling out a bracket is easy and fun, also free

My pick lost over the weekend, is anybody else watching some of the games?