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no Sophie is a brat and Fitz is annoying

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Okay… :flushed:

Anyway we are off topic!

Maybe I like fortnite

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Hello @MrEric20! You can post polls here.

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Are you a…
  • Back-sleeper
  • Side-sleeper
  • Stomach-sleeper

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I’m usually a stomach sleeper, but if I can’t sleep I turn to side.

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Which campaign are you at?
  • Dungeon
  • Forest
  • Desert
  • Mountain
  • Glacier

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Spiders! :smirk:

  • Good
  • Bad
  • Okayish

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I hate it when you’re just doing a simple task like a light switch or open curtains and then then this little creepy thing just sits there like “BOO” I get that like 99% of spiders can’t actually hurt you but they look ugly :face_vomiting:


I held this cute little spider a few months back! I traded it for a jolly rancher, but never got it :sob:
I hate flies more so yay!

That was the last time I saw a spider…

Calling the teacher mom :eyes:

  • Have done :flushed:
  • Have not done

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My teacher is my mom :neutral_face:


In fact i have done the opposite thing, calling my mom teacher :flushed:


Same. I wonder how that happens. :thinking:


Haha me to.

  • Called your mum “Dad”
  • Called your dad “Mum”
  • Called your Nan by your sister’s name
  • Called your cousin by your Nan’s name
  • All of them :flushed:

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I’ve called my mom dad and my dad mom loads of times but i call my dad more mom :man_shrugging:

I don’t do any of those. Also lack a sister.

Most OP hero? (In your opinion ofc)
  • Starter Heroes (Anya, Tharin, Ida, Alejandro)
  • Amara
  • Hushbaum
  • Hattori
  • Senick
  • Omarn
  • Gordon
  • Naria
  • Pender
  • Arryn
  • Nalfar
  • Illia
  • Usara
  • Ritic
  • Okar
  • Zana

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Goku, Link and Mario are my top 3 heroes