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Fr we should listen to zax :sunglasses:

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If you would you would have already stopped talking.

I’m not the same little boy I was a year ago. I am different. When I want to be.

Fr bro :sunglasses:
Your right

We all are different.

Now, since this is for polls

Who Agrees?

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  • no

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We all are differently the same. Same mistakes, same good things, just everybody makes mistakes and good things in a different way.


I agree with this statement



very complete sentence

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me and coding be like-

It’s weekends tomorrow, and I’ll be able to finally get things settled. Please wait until then. Things are extremely busy on my end.

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Okay, it looks like there’s a lot of drama going on with private messages. While I did explicitly state that I wanted all internal affairs be settled amongst yourselves, I have to take action of sort as this not only became a public issue, but because PMs are also technically part of the forum, and hence you should comply to forum rules. From what I’ve seen there are two large-scale group chats created, and the current situation reflects the conflict between those two? To me, I think this can be resolved just by clearing up misunderstandings and respecting each other. It looks like some of you are trying to find every way to spark controversy and argument. I respect the fiery persona, but that does not mean you are allowed to hurt or provoke somebody else, especially on such a trivial issue. I’m assuming most of you are entering your teenage years. Grow up and get along. Help somebody instead of arguing. Spend some outside time instead of hurting somebody. One day you’ll understand how meaningless these fights were, except in wasting people’s time and creating drama. That doesn’t mean I don’t support debates. Moderated and respectful debates are one of the most critical things in the world - it’s what gives people voice and their own opinion. I totally respect that. What I don’t allow is when these so-called “debates” become a place to point fingers, use hateful language, and spark controversy and drama. Unfortunately there is a limit to what I can do to help. There’s a good saying, “You can bring the carrot up to a horse’s mouth, but only the horse can eat it”. Even if I do my best to fix anything, it’s ultimately you guys that’ll need to settle it out. My person opinion? I think you all are old enough that you can settle everything out and resolve any conflicts or drama you created. It’s just two different PMs. If you don’t like the other, then stick to your own. No need to start a fight over it. I’d be more than happy to mediate, but I’m confident you guys will be able to resolve it. Remember, read over what you write. If it sounds too controversial or rude, then it’s best to avoid typing it.