Topic for Religion

So I think some people have wanted a topic for religion, or here it is. I’m pretty sure its not against the rules, but yeah.

Well there already is a topic for religion…

where? can you give me a link please?

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thanks, however there are more religions than christianity

Oh, yeah I guess… :no_mouth: :dotted_line_face: :no_mouth:

although all religions are very different (and IMO christianity is the only correct one)

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And you know this how?

Uhhhh this is gonna be a battlefield you know that right ?

Also don’t say that its considered rude ;-;


Christianity is the most creditable


Alright where’s your proof (also in a Christian so don’t get mad at me ;-; )

you ever read more than a carpenter its a book a book about a guy who tried to prove the bible wrong but came out believing it no other book has that happened with (there ae many more story like it but that one is in a book )

Alr so? That religion could’ve been Hinduism


wdym no book has changed more lives than the bible making and no book has more proof of being correct than the bible

there are more documents stating that prove that jesus rose from the dead that documents that say George Washington was president there for if lac of evidence is your reason for not believing jesus rose from the dead that George Washington was not the president

…you know there is also proof from other religions right.


For example, Islam. I don’t know much about it, but if you look on databases most people say that Islam is the most proven religion so far.

Also, isn’t the point of Christianity to show other people God’s love? If someone were to say to you that their religion is right, would you just go “Oh alright I’ll just follow your beliefs now!” No, right? You’d probably argue with them and most likely NOT follow their religion.


i don’t think you know what love is love it is not loving to to tell someone who is doing something wrong to keep doing that wrong thing would it be loving for a mother to let her child go play in the road just because that is what the child wants sometimes correcting someone is love

also there is a difference between fights and cival debates and i admit i have gotten into a few fights but that is not right i should not be rude to others but telling others that they are wrong when i know they are wrong and there being wrong has eternal consequences i would be hateful for me to not correct them