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Interesting. God commands us in our Bible not to add or detract from the Bible. He wrote it as he wanted and it is perfect for us. There’s many things that not in the Bible, but that’s because we have Christian liberty and can make wise choices ourselves based upon what we know in the Bible.

Yes, God the son died. The matter of the Trinity is a bit confusing and very hard to wrap the brain around since we’re not omniscient lol. But the Trinity is the same 1 God in 3 different beings. Together, they work together and compete each other, but they’re also the same God. God the Father sent down Jesus: God the son.
In Romans, we learn that the “wages of sin is death”. Since sin is the act of disobeying God, we sin hundreds of times each day. We think evil things and we do evil things. The more we sin the more punishment we deserve. As humans, we’ve put ourselves in a debt we can never possibly repay.
The only person who could repay our debt is somebody absolutely perfect who doesn’t have any debts to pay. The only being perfect enough to do that is God himself. So, God the Father deliberately sacrificed his son to die for us in our place ”the wages of sun is death” and save our souls.
But, with Jesus dead, he means nothing because this “God” was still conquered by something: death. 3 days after his death, however, Jesus rose from the dead, alive again. He had conquered death itself. There can be no doubt after that that Jesus is who he claimed to be: our God.
Soon after, he returned to heaven to be with God the Father. 40 days after Jesus’ ascension, God the Holy Spirit can down to dwell within the believers of Christ. The Holy Spirit is like our conscious, it’s guides us and lets us know when we’re sinning. As humans tho, we have freedom of thought and can ignore the warning and go on sinning, which honestly isn’t a wise idea since the warning is coming straight from God lol.

Anyways, that’s how Jesus came down, lived a perfect life just to die and take our place of death, and rise again.
It only takes receiving God as your personal savior, believing that Jesus, Gods son, died and then conquered death, so that we can be saved. It’s that easy to unwrap the gift he gave of salvation and eternal life in heaven with him.


Why are there so many branches of Christianity?

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There’s different beliefs on certain thing. If you’re a true Christian, you must believe what my post above said. But different branches believe more minor things that can still make a difference on your life. For instance, Presbyterians believe in baptizing infants, while me a southern Baptist believes in baptizing those mature enough to realize their faith in God.

This is a graph that explains what I mean

If I disagree with someone on the top tier, we probably have entirely different religions. If I disagree with somebody from the second tier, we’re probably of the same faith, but I wouldn’t choose their church to attend. If I disagree with the bottom tier, I would be perfectly fine going to their church and everything, but we just have a couple minor differences.

me not understanding what the heck this graph represents (no offense)

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The words within the graph are the titles of different parts and ideas of the faith. For instance, the second tier says “gender roles in the church”. I don’t believe a woman should be preaching, which is why I wouldn’t go to her church.

then was is a womens role in the church

This is a testy subject so don’t go after me for what I say next lol

1 Timothy 2:12 says
“I allow no woman to teach or to have authority over men; she is to remain in quietness and keep silence”
Now, this can obviously be a seemingly offensive and sexist message, but Paul the author is meaning something further than surface level.
In Genesis 3 after Adam and Eve directly disobey God and sin, they are cursed. Eve’s original job was to assist Adam and be a good wife. She was happy to do so since the world was absolutely perfect. But they sinned and it was no longer perfect. Eve has 2 curses: pain in childbearing and the desire to rule over man. It says:
“your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you.”
So Eve’s job is still the same. She was made to raise her children and care for the household. She must still submit to her husband (though Adam should be very caring to her and consult his wife and helper as equally as she submits to him), but it would be harder than before.
Going back to the 1 Timothy passage many many years later, the command is the same for women and always will be. Therefore, when Paul says “I allow no woman to teach or to have authority over men; she is to remain in quietness and keep silence” he means that they shouldn’t be preaching to and discipling men. It’s wonderful to have a woman teach other women in classes and stuff, but it is wrong for them to deliberately teach men. Obviously, there’s exceptions such as a man going up to a woman and asking her a question. Of course she should teach him the answer! But on a normal basis, training men specifically is not an authority given to us.

As Adam was told to supply his family with food and work, so should guys now work and provide for their family and wife. Man’s job is to protect, provide, and train others. Women’s job is to care, teach offspring, and take care of the household.
That’s why a girl will naturally play with her dolls and dress them up and care for them, while boys will fight battles and protect their land. Obviously some dudes like to clean the house and some ladies like to go to work. There’s nothing wrong with that necessarily, but for the regular person, this is how God created man and woman to be.

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Hopefully that explained it well enough. I’ll try to explain a point better if it was confusing lol

Hey so this is just a question I’ve been having for ages now and was wondering about y’all’s opinion
but um how do we prove to others that God exists? With like science and math n stuff


I think the best approach to such a question is to use logic (and probably philosophy). There are a bunch of ways that you can think of it:

First approach
Take this simple example: So you have a piece of bread, then you ask who baked this bread? The answer would be “the baker”. Now can you ask “who baked the baker?” no it doesnt make sense this way. The creator wouldn’t be created like its creations and wouldn’t look anything at all like them

Second approach
If you told someone, “oh i just saw a tree/anything pop out of nowhere”, do you think they’d believe you? the odds are very low (if not null) and so the same idea applies to the universe. it couldn’t have been a possibility that such an intricate and perfectly created world would come into existence out of nowhere or that it existed all by itself.

Other proofs
Scientifically, we know that the big bang theory was an explosion, and explosions only occur if there is a mass amount of energy, and by the laws of physics, not energy nor matter can be created or destroyed, it just changes state (either from kinetic to potential, etc or from solid to liquid or through chemical reactions, etc) and so scientifically (if you believe in the big bang) this energy had to be created by something not effected by the laws of physics in this universe

the last note i want to put would be this, imagine yourself going to mars and you find a perfect floating vehicle, very modern very intricate (name anything you are impressed with) what is the first question that would pop into your mind? Think of it and then open this Who created this thing? or how is this thing made? or how do i drive this thing? We have all the answers regarding the universe, who created it? God; how is it made? (i shared verses before and scientific approaches can be accepted); How do i exist in this world? You follow the final word of God (The Quran) which answers everything you might question


Yeah I agree. I feel like science and religion can work together to explain things. For example, I am pretty sure the the big bang was disproved, and the Quran fills in the gaps. Same with biology, science explaining the gaps.

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I’m sorry but yall are gonna have to speak english for me ;-;

I don’t understand it but eh I’ll try. Correct me if I’m wrong please:

First approach (en ingles):
God wasn’t created the same way as humans/the universe, and would not appear the same.

Second approach (not really in english):
If you tell someone who knows how unlikely coherent quantum tunnelling is that you just saw a tree pop out of nowhere, they wouldn’t believe you.

Second approach (and the first paragraph of "other proofs) (also en ingles) (in english):
The energy and matter needed for the big bang had to come from somewhere, hence god.

Other proofs (seconds paragraph) (in English):
If you go to Mars and see some floating car from the future, you’d wonder how it got there (probably). The answers, according to religion, and if the car were substituted for the Universe, are “god made it”, “god made it with things”, and “you exist because you follow god’s word.”

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I kinda get it…I think

im sorry for the inconvenience. i had written the text just as i would speak it. i should have been careful about that. i will try to be more staight-forward while rewriting it.

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@TheCodingCrusader22 in response to your message in the Olipop topic, how is being gay hurting people?

Because it’s not how marriage was created to be

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It’s not hurting anyone though.