Topic For School :D

Hello World! I made a topic so everyone can tell what you guys are doing at school.Even if theirs covid 19 … Have fun :partying_face:!


I’m afraid I would disappoint you guys - I teach/train at school :rofl:

What do you teach/train?

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I’m going to disappoint you all one more time - I hold aikido classes)


Thats so cool you teach martial arts

It’s cool to see from aside or to hear that someone attends martial arts classes. But it becomes not so cool idea when one starts himself :grin:


nice! and @alexbrand whats aikido?

its martial arts

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I’m afraid I directed the discussion a little bit off-topic and gonna start aikido promotion)

Aikido - is a way of self-improving through martial art, sports and thinking I would say. But it’s for me personally. In common - there is so many styles now, that everyone can find something he is interested in. Different teachers proclaims their own goals.

In our school aikido classes are optional with additional fee. Parents who contact me want their children to reach different goals by training (usually one or two from the list):

  • “utilize/waste” “spare” energy
  • improve discipline
  • train bodies
  • learn self-defence
  • improve confidence and self-esteem
  • find new friends
    Sometimes there is one or two more psychological reasons people want their child to train.
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i hate english why is it even a core subject @Alexbrand

Uhm, maybe because it is one of “world languages” (still)?

If I didn’t speak English a little - how would we keep conversation here?) (My native is Russian).
Also, for people who don’t know English it’s hard to play lots of game, understand songs words, watch films etc.
As far as I remember international flights are also should be held in English by crew and special stuff. Sea conversations also maybe.

oh okay but i still hate it and i always will

Well, I agree that learn smth and using it are two different things)
Humans usually don’t like learn something even if they like it itself.

I’ve done Taekwondo for 6 years.

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Bro school is so different now like we’re in class but idk its like that thing where pple change and its rlly sad

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Kinda off topic but you like the falcons too?
I also really like julio jones

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hey @Luke10 welcome back to the discourse

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Lol thanks ik ive been gone for a while again smh Im trying to be back tho Im surprised my trust levels haven’t gone down at all

why would they @Luke10

Whoa, pretty much)
And good martial art school.