Unable to load level Ingredient Identification

It’s not like it’s easy as squashing a fly. This level’s still in early release. Expect a few bugs when playing adventurer levels. They’re busy on other tasks too. It’s not easy to handle lots of things with a small team.

okay but how do still be able to play it?

Don’t know. Have to wait. I’ll post this issue on GitHub to make this process faster ok?

What about switching browsers?

i tried that. it didn’t work

@stephanie any idea what the heck is causing this?

What about restarting your computer and/or logging out then logging back in?

it still doesn’t work

@Chaboi_3000 this issue looks to be resolved now. @Derek_Wang_RN you should be able to access the level. Please let me know if you have anymore issues! Thanks!

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Looks like it was a dependent component issue with the crude telephoto glasses.

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