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Unable to save or repair level settings


I’ve been plinking away at a level, and I seem to have messed up something in the “Specific Articles” section of the settings area. It says that I have an error, but I can’t expand the section (by clicking on the triangle) to try to fix it.

I believe this is also preventing me from saving the level (unless there’s some other reason why it hangs when I try to save).

I’ve tried to deal with this in the lastest stable versions of Chrome and Firefox. This is on a Win7 machine if that matters.

Am I missing something? I’ve attached a screenshot showing what it looks like.


Looks like a Treema bug. For a quick fix, try opening up your JS console and running this code:

currentView.settingsTab.settingsTreema.set('/documentation/specificArticles', [])

@scott ideas on this stack trace?


OK, that allowed me to save the level. Thanks.


Can’t figure out how you this error occured. You can see similar error example in treema documentation here .Look at the bottom example in the link. Don’t know how to start with it, any kind of guidance would be helpful.