Undefined Cost for Programmaticon II

I’m stuck at Endangered Burl because I can’t buy the Programmaticon II. The price shows up as undefined gems, and when I click on it, it shows me the Buy Gems screen.

I thought you were supposed to get the Programmaticon II after completing a previous level. At least, I’m pretty sure that’s how I got it.

I’ve completed everything before it, I think. O.o

Well, I’m not totally sure, because that happened a long time ago. (ahhh the nostalgia lol) However, you could try directly buying it from the shop instead of from the pop-up when you click on the level

It doesn’t show up on the shop … .

hm… ok, well I don’t know then. Sorry. Just wait for somebody with more knowledge than me to help you.

I figured it out - I just hadn’t collected my rewards from a previous level somehow.

Now how do I close/delete this post? XD

lol haha. And I don’t know how to delete posts, though I think you can’t unless you are a leader or moderator… I think

Ah, I see. I’ll have to make it such that if it requires an awarded item you don’t have, it figures out that you need the award and either gives it to your or tells you what’s up.

Same issue with Programmaticon III on Decoy Drill (which I previously completed just fine, tried to replay).

now i cant play the last 2 levls of the game because of the same issue

Edit : i have found a solution , you can still play the lvl if you joined it by it’s link directly

edit 2 : i have started the level but can’t finish it i need the equip the wooden hammer but that’s seems to be impossible , anotther thing the wooden hammer needs an icon

There are a few possibilities for this:

  1. For the Programmaticon II: Please play Winding Trail (Forest 2. Level) again (Just press Submit again). This level should give you the Programmaticon II, but sometimes fails to do so.

  2. For the Programmaticon III Please play Medical Attention (Desert 5. Level) again (Just press Submit again). This level should give you the Programmaticon III, but sometimes fails to do so…

  3. Last time I checked (5 seconds ago) the Wooden Hammer had an icon. Maybe the game just failed to load the image? Is your internet-connection unstable? If the error persists, have a look at the JavaScript-Console (Ctrl+Shift+K [for Firefox] or Ctrl+Shift+J [for Chrome]). Are there any errors? Something like failed to load ressource, failed to load image, 403 Access denied or similar?

If you still don’t get the Programmaticon II/III after replaying the mentioned levels or some error occured, describe here exactly what you did, the console-output and we will be able to help you.

EDIT: Wait, this is about the Programmaticon II… added information about that as well


Can you prompt for “Lurkers” that you need Programmaticon III? Just a minor inconvenience, but’s it’s not showing up as necessary, and then you can’t complete the level.


Good catch–I’ve added that requirement to Lurkers and later levels. Thanks!