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Unlocking a sword in the campaign

Can anyone tell me or link me to documentation on how the sword is unlocked? I’m unable to find any information on how this is done. Just to be clear, in the regular campaign the first few levels are done without weapons and somewhere around the 4th level or so the sword is unlocked–how do I do this with a campaign that I’m building?


To unlock the first sword you have to go through the campaign until you reach the level “shadow-guard” (the 3rd level in the free to play campaign). When you complete the level you get the sword automatically.

Thanks for your response and I understand that. I’m creating my own campaign and would like to know how to reward a sword for completing a level.


Hi @billmw,
Unfortunately, only artisans and admins can reward a sword. This is to prevent abuse of the achievement system as you can potentially reward yourself all items and an abundant supply of gems.