Weakest Quickest - code not working

I’m on Weakest Quickest in the desert, and I’m getting an error message that a variable I can see I set doesn’t exist. Maybe there’s something I’m not getting, so I’ll post it for the general public to debug:

I thought that maybe I needed enemy = weakest towards the top of the screenshot, but that didn’t work either.

weakest = findWeakestEnemy()

@RobAnybody Even though the function ends with return weakest?

(I’d just test it, but I’m in the middle of some rather intense coding in a different level right now.)

I can’t see the rest of the code, but I am assuming that var weakest is only defined, and used inside of the function above. If true, as far as I know, variables that are used within functions are ‘trapped’ and cannot be called from outside of the function itself. When you’re returning ‘weakest’ you are actually just returning a value, not the actual variable. You might need to post the rest of the code, but you should try:

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I ended up using @RobAnybody 's code, just because the text editor prompted you to break it up with an extra line, but it looks like @Skillster 's would be a more concise version of the same thing.

I was having fits with this.
I got it to work without the function so I knew I was on the right track but I wanted to do it as a function since that’s the part of the lesson.
The problem / solution isn’t line 25 or line 17 but because line 23 is part of the original text/code we assume it doesn’t need modification.

i did it with my own code hahaha
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Please do not post solutions because they let users just wanting to beat the level just copy off without learning anything.

Ok, but you must be subscriber for it to work