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What are developers working on?


What are developers working on?

Because I have not seen a new level for a quite while, and I have not seen any changes to the looks of the code combat campaign, or any new items getting added.

Are devs all on vacation?


They’re not in vacation.


You sure -_- how do you know? There hasn’t been new content for MONTHS


They are not in vacation. They’re just working on secret stuff that you don’t know about yet.

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is there a countdown saying how long they will wait until someone snaps?


I think they are working on a super secret hero or item. If you go to the item shop there is a mysterious looking sword.I think it is a 1 shot KO sword for stuff like witches or warlocks (they drive me crazy! they are so hard to kill).


Not really. Artillery one shots them easily if the cannonball lands right on target. (Yeah they should really add Boss Star V)


They are probably working on heroes right now, because they said they will release Illa this year.


Oh really? When are they going to release Illa?


The sword is called ‘morning’s edge’


@everyone, spoilers!!! The mornings edge stats!


wow, it’s fast… but weak.



I tried saying Yeah with 16 dots after it but the system says “Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?”


By the way, I checked the stats of Sword of the Temple Guard. The Morning’s Edge is 1% faster than Sword of the Temple Guard.

(Actually 1.00733469%)


I’ll do another spoiler when I feel like it, for now, I’ll show you guys only this.


how did you get those?


Winged boots? So they let you fly?

Flying ability confirmed. Can fly short distances.

Cost 1200 gems (which isn’t really much)



Well, Devs are still working on the ability so I can’t fly yet, but the extra 2.5m/s is nice.


It is a lot to me, I only have 1854 gems


I have like at least 29k