What Is The Advanced User Tutorial? (Don't mess with discobot here)


You need 500 liked posts not 500 likes


Yea i know that. I already have 1.4 or something likes.


Omg sooo close (only around 60 more)


You only have 400 likes


Yea i asked @SuperSmacker to spam me


Can you spam likes for me? Cuz I want the admired badge.


Maybe you could spam me too :wink:


I will if you do it for me :wink:


Sure(20 characters) /


Okay ima create a new topic just for spamming likes :stuck_out_tongue:


No don’t make more spam topics please btw can you spam likes @SuperSmacker


Only 11 more likes till i have 500


maka said I could make a topic for random nonsense.


We have one already, the random things topic


That’s random THINGS. Not spamming


I am spamming likes on this account


Well spam likes for me too please :smiley:

[DONT POST ON THIS AT 3 AM! OMG THARIN CAME TO MY HOUSE]Dont Mess with discobot but plz do mess with emojis(Don’t play with discobot, do it in pm) Cats included, #ILLUMINATICONFIRMED! MEMES FOR ALL HAVE SOME MORE MEMES, This is crazy!