What is thornprick?

See what is it?
Thronprick link

That is pretty cool. I have no idea what it does, though.

Maybe wearing it gives you the ability to curse ogres with some sort of “thorn” magic that sort of acts like a weak version of the bear trap (they take damage when they try to move).

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I think it does a root spell like the spell that oak wand can do. It makes the opponent unable to move for 5 seconds

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Most likely the root spell.

Fun fact: I’ve written the description for most of the armour items and rings. Not bragging about it, just saying!



Looks like a ring you hero can equip.

"It is said that Zana Woodheart herself fashioned this bracelet out of crude thorns. "


Not trying to be rude, but shouldn’t we already know that?

Damage reflection + 5 )

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By the way, what is this?

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that’s a personalized hero made for Wizard Dude for winning the first Codecombat ladder challenge, Greed.

Can you send a link to Greed?

u can’t play it anymore :frowning:

why can’t you anymore?

when i tried to load it, it says: Unable to load level. The code for building the world never finished running or something like that.

i opened the console and it says “loaded null”.
i think the level is trying to load an object that got deleted or is broken

Greed is a super old level. Maybe that’s why.

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yep the first code combat competition there ever was. 3 years ago. Just as old as Zero Sum, but for some reason, Zero Sum still works but Greed doesn’t :frowning:

Zero Sum was released in 2014. Greed was released in around 2010-2012.

Actually when ogres attack you with swords they take damage from attacking you