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What is wrong with this account?

My friend just sent me this when he was trying to enter in his Code Combat discourse account. This happened to my brother too. What is wrong here, @Chaboi_3000?


Sorry, but that was not your friend/brother, but yourself. Please show honesty. Same for the “Promote me to Leader”. If you have talked to me directly instead of posed “brother” to do so, I would’ve given you tips to how to prepare yourself for the Leader Role. You were also using those accounts strictly to give yourself :heart:'s, if you earned them rightfully, you wouldn’t have to worry about all of these hassle. Remember, lies won’t help you at all, similar to how direct solutions don’t help people learn how to code. The Co-Mods and I discussed about this matter and we decided you were not ready for TL3 and thereby demoted you down to TL2 for the meantime. Please show some more maturity next time. This is not the first time you’ve done this(I let it slide previous times), but it reached the point that I had to take action in order for you understand your actions.