What Superpower Would You Choose?

  • Flying
  • Mind Reading
  • Time Travelling
  • Shapeshifting
  • Invisibility
  • Cloning
  • Evolution
  • Wrath of the Forest
  • Reflection
  • Money Gain

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Flying: Flys up into the air, max speed is 500km/h.

Mind Reading: You can read peoples’ minds in a range of 100 meters, you can only read 5 peoples’ minds at a time.

Time Travelling: Travel into anytime and back.

Shapeshifting: Shapeshift into any creature or things.

Invisbility: Others cannot see you, but you can see yourself and others.

Cloning: You can clone yourself, there can be a maximum of 20 clones. Clones can be commanded by you, but they disappear when they recieve a fatal hit (e.g. get headshot by a gun). When there are already 20 clones, but one dies, you can clone again.

Evolution: You can get 2x speed, strength, weight every evolution for a cooldown of 20 seconds. Speed capped at 200km/h, strength capped at a punchmass of 1000kg, weight capped at 1000kg.

Wrath of the Forest: You can control any plants (e.g. command a tree to give you an apple, let a plant grow, let a vine carry you at super speed, let a branch knock out the villain, etc.).

Reflection: Reflects any damage you take to a person you choose in a 20 meter radius you can see. You can also damage yourself on purpose and reflect that damage to other people (e.g. punch yourself, then reflect that damage to your buddy).

Money Gain: Gains 50% of your money every day, money that’s earned stacks (e.g. you had $100 on the first day, after 10 days, you would get about $3845), money you gain is given to you as cash at 10am.

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Money gain is the most useful, though flying is much more fun

If you are working, mind reading is useful, you can read the mind of your boss, then do stuff he wants, maybe you might get a salary rise!

Or use invis, then rob a bank for moneyy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I would go with mind reading b/c middle school is tough and it would be super helpful. I could also use it in jobs, or virtually any combat situation.(I know what they’re gonna do next when they plan something)

Or just work for a little while and with the money double thing, you will get more. Through funding acientific endeavors, you could probably acquire some of the other powers.

I dunno how this would affect inflation though.

I don’t think this topic is really necessary…


Most of the off-topics are.

cloning go brrrrrrrt

Shape shifting so u could turn into a bird and fly, or shapeshift into air so you are invis or turn into a tree and have the wrath of the forest. (last one was kind of a joke)

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No but this is literally just a poll.
But yeah you are also right.

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Evolution is kinda like Nalfar’s Sacrifice ability, but with a limit

You have a high IQ

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