What Superpower Would You Choose?

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telekinesis would be my top choice tho. you can stop a bullet if your fast enough.

Good idea, forgot to add that.

But it will ruin the poll and everyone needs to vote again rip.

you cant change a poll if its after the first 5 minutes

Just copy and paste it…

yeah, but that would be a waste if your just gonna add one thing

True (20 million chars)

Well I don;t think you would be fast enough. You’ll get hit by them before you even hear it.

oop. didnt know bullets were that fast. although telekinesis is useful for other things tho!

Unless you’re pushing every object in a radius back

Talking about telekinisis. you have to think about what your gonna move.

You can just think to push everything back…

SO basicaly you are rooting for having slaves…

You shouldn’t. If you did you’d either have a hole in your side or you’d be some kind of murderer.

But you’d be enslaving yourself, and you’d be fine with that. (You not specifically meaning you)

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I did… for 2 reasons, 1. Why would you use guns if someone could just dodge a bullet? 2. don’t wanna say

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Still must mention what happened to Twice from the League of Villains/Paranormal Liberation Front
He made some clones, but then they killed each other, each one thinking they were the real one.

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20 chars wants to not be limited