When do I get which Item - A reference




oops, i just got this wrong. Glitch? I didn’t post any characters on my screen


Not a glitch. You posted a blank pic. It’s there.


how do u know it’s there…? there’s no label saying the image’s name

anyway, just press the PrintScreen button, then open Paint and paste it. then save it using paint. then upload. simple :smiley:


just press PrintScreen and it acts as a copied file, now Ctrl + V into the post box. Don’t need to use Paint and save it


Yeah, that’s what I do now.


just saying but im pretty sure all hero unlocks are subscriber levels


your right. Only subscribers can do that.


and for some reason, I can unlock every hero and i had a start of 40,000 gems when i subscribed. i bought every hero except pender, arryn, nalfar, and okar. now i only am missing nalfar and okar but i can buy nalfar. i am not even on kelvintaph glacier; i’m on cloudrip mountain but i can still buy everybody!:wink::wink::rice_ball::grin::grin:


I know.they said that like last year. because you got 40,000 gems, that means that you just lifetime subscribed. Lifetime gives you an years worth of monthly gems. And you only paid like 39.99… and I paid 79.99.


They used to have a yearly subscription which gives you 49,000 gems every year. Which I used to have.


No, I paid $99.99! 20 chars


and you’re missing a zero


so you paid after the discount (it was first 79.99 and after that it was 99.99)


what discount?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


wait sorry never mind I was looking at it based on some other image I saw.


We no longer have hero unlocking levels. When you subscribe, you immediately get access to Amara Arrowhead, Miss Hushbaum, and Hattori Hanzo. The rest of the heroes are available to purchase immediately.


Yeah. Now Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat makes more sense!!!